Famous Fitzbillies and an Inspired Cinnamon Bun

Images courtesy of fitzbillies.com

Having started with the Eat Cambridge food festival in April, it’s been a while since I brought Hot Pink Apron to the beautiful city I live in. There is a wealth of both incredible restaurants and grocers in my area in Cambridge, but first of all we have to talk about Fitzbillies. Fitzbillies is something of an institution. Opened in […]

Fall for Coconut Cake

See how moist and large that cake crumb is? Perfection; that’s what using cake flour and buttermilk and folding the ingredients together gently will get you.

Last weekend my hubby and I had a few close friends over for ‘One Last Summer Feast Food Fest’. We put out an incredible spread of rotisserie chickens, my award winning chipotle ribs, an assortment of veg & dips, smoked salmon crostinis, grilled zucchini roll-ups stuffed with basil and goat cheese, coleslaw, and an assortment of […]

Apple Ricotta Fritters


Alt Title: Going Canadian, Autumn Style My hubby and I really lucked out when we moved from downtown Toronto to the suburbs east of the city. Without realizing it at the time, we were moving onto the ideal family-friendly street with THE BEST neighbours. Our neighbours are down-to-earth, considerate food lovers that are always making […]

Strawberry Pies Forever

Oh ya, that’s the money shot.

This post is dedicated to good intentions and time lost. For all of the things we intend to do each day that we don’t always get done. Those unread emails, the untouched library books now past due, the way over-ripe fruit rotting on my counter that I swear I will make into a killer jam […]

Terrific Talli and the Blueberry Cheesecake


MY GIRL, TALLI, IS THE SH*T. Talli, the punk rock princess also known as Nubs, is one of the most genuine, honest and funny people you could ever have the pleasure to dine with. She has the type of spirit that causes conversation to roll off your tongue and a shared enthusiasm for food that […]

Strawberry Pops are the Tops


FEELING PRETTY GOOD ABOUT MYSELF as I receive loads of positive feedback via twitter and instagram after posting a picture of my strawberry and coconut milk ice pops, created from hulled strawberry top leftovers – leftovers that I would have otherwise tossed in the bin. Seems I am not the only one out there overcome […]

Lovely Lemon Pound Cake


Words and images by Dana. I baked this recipe twice in less than 24 hours last weekend. Originally as a nice springtime dessert for our backyard BBQ guests but, as it turns out, my family has no restraint when it comes to citrus-flavoured pound cake. Baked just the night before, only a single sliver greeted […]

Elderflower Power Vol.01: Cordial & Cake

Just add sunshine. Lime and elderflower cake served with a refreshing glass of elderflower cordial on ice.

Words and images by Amanda. Toward the end of this month, I will be making a familiar annual trip to my family doctor with eyes swollen, coughing, sneezing, and feeling generally sorry for myself. I don’t just have an outstanding ability to predict when I will come down with a cold. For me, the end […]

Got The Love for Lemon Bars

What great way to treat yourself after a long indoor day with buzzing babies.

Words and image by Dana. There seems to be so much tragedy in the news today, it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless by it all. Back in 2011, when the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and consequential tsunami struck Japan I was done with feeling like a numb spectator. I didn’t know a lot […]

“You Can’t Name It THAT!” Chocolate Cake

Photography by Mother Ship.

Words and photos by Mother Ship. Given that I am on a pretty restrictive diet, I have had to alter the way I eat most foods. I’ve become pretty good at swapping out ingredients to make old favourite recipes gluten, dairy, meat and refined white sugar free, without forsaking flavour.  Personally, I find packaged and […]