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Eat well. Have fun! Wear a foxy apron.

Greetings, salutations and oh so many kisses.

Hi! My name is Dana. I’m an ambitious home cook, travel enthusiast, proud wife & mom and your vivacious host at Hot Pink apron.com. Welcome to my vibrant adventures in a foxy apron!

So, you want to know how this whole endeavour began? Well…

Eight years ago I was a determined career gal working in TV land; commuting from Toronto to New York to Los Angeles every other week, surviving on take-out food and gin martinis. And then I met a guy… and, well, you’ve all heard the taunt before… ♪ first came love, then came baby in the baby carriage…♪  (we saved the marriage thing for another day.)

Now, becoming a mom was AMAZING and it was also TERRIFYING. Having a baby changed everything and I, admittedly, had no idea what I was doing. Up to owning one myself, my exposure to babies was slim and even my very own upbringing seemed to be a blur of my single mother working and me TV watching. It was obvious that I would require some guidance if I were to be the Super Mom I wanted to be. So I looked to the pros, those women that I had admired most growing up, those women that I grew up watching on television: Lucille Ball, Julia Child and Barbara Billingsley to name a few. And I noticed that each of these women shared a common super power: they all rocked an apron.


Bring forth the apron of brightest hue!

So I purchased my very own apron — a foxy hot pink number with polka dots and a little frill on the skirt. It was possibly the most feminine thing I had ever seen and it too TERRIFIED me. Listen, I had lived my entire life as a tomboy; a massive portion of my career was dedicated to wearing pant suits and learning to enjoy golf and bourbon to prove that I could be “one of the guys”, and here I was investing in a girly apron with the intention to be a better housewife / stay-at-home mom. What was happening to me??! Fortunately for all, I usually had heaping spoonfuls of homemade chocolate ganache nearby to calm myself with whenever those panic attacks would creep into my mind.

I was becoming a pretty knowledgeable baker at this point, studying ‘Chapter X: Desserts and Cakes’ of Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking like it was my religion. I was everyone’s best friend when they had a birthday, anniversary, even a few weddings happening and I loved the attention and new sense of pride I would gain from each delivery. I began viewing food and creation of yummy things with it as a whole new creative outlet. World domination via a TV Producer’s career began to feel all too time consuming, suddenly sharing a perfectly seared steak with twice baked potatoes and a homemade apple pie with my family was all I needed to be happy.

Launching Hot Pink Apron.com in 2010 was when I really committed to a life in food. Our second daughter, Alice, had just been born, we had officially outgrown the 700 square feet of downtown space we called home and bought our first house outside of the city (*gasp* This felt like accepting that we’d NEVER be the creative, career-savvy, bar-hopping, city folks we once were ever again. And we’d certainly never see our hip, childless city friends ever again — even for cake, getting city peeps to travel to the suburbs is a tough sell.). My career was on the shelf and I had committed to staying home to raise the babies. This was all unknown territory for the guy and I so, naturally, we were pretty FREAKED OUT by our new suburban family portrait. We needed a domestic survival guide. I needed a creative outlet.

Hey, what about one of those blog things?

Originally the plan for Hot Pink Apron.com was to create a simple scrapbook of my favourite recipes and maybe toss in some of those epic kitchen failures too ridiculous not to share. Over time, my daughters began to sneak into posts and eventually became the soul influence for most of the recipes I was creating. Fast forward five years and Hot Pink Apron (or HPA as we hip creators like to call it) has become an essential part of our household’s daily diet. I hear a lot of “Mom, that was good, you should put it on Hot Pink Apron.” 

I love how enthusiastic my little family is for this project because I’m enjoying every ounce of the process and their support has become my salary. From the trenches of lifestyle changes and diaper changing, my culinary explorations and food blogging has allowed me to hold on to a very important and personal part of myself through it all. I’ve felt distracted when I needed to be distracted the most, and my creativity engaged during those periods when I felt like I was losing my edge. All of that PLUS it protects my clothes from soup splatter! Man, I love this apron of mine.

Have apron, will travel?

For the past five years I have had a real focus on creating homemade, family friendly meals (with a few necessary cocktail recipes in the mix for mama’s tough days). Now, with my girls maturing and my adventurous side screaming to be unleashed, I’ve become more interested in breaking my apron and I out of the home kitchen and exploring more of the culinary challenges offered in the outside world. I feel that the blog has become one part homemade recipes, one part family adventure (i.e. how to find your inner apron in times of kid chaos), and always with a vibrant dash of vintage influence.

Channeling my inner apron.

Wow, I apparently had a lot to say ‘About’ my world in a Hot Pink Apron. Thanks for reading — without you I’d just be a crazy lady yelling ingredients at a screen, or something like that. Please continue reading — because I am SUPER EXCITED to see where this apron can take us.