Hello & welcome to life in a hot pink apron.

I’m Dana, ambitious home cook, music fanatic, wife to a homebrewer, mom to young princesses & furbabies and Apronite-in-Chief of this vibrant food blog.

I started Hot Pink Apron.com in 2010 as simple scrapbook to collect my favourite recipes and those epic kitchen failures too ridiculous not to share. I was having so much fun playing with my food that I invited a few of the wittiest eaters I know to join the party. Hot Pink Apron has since become a supportive and vibrant community of hungry women eager to inspire with our adventures in foxy aprons.

We make good things happen. Most often edible things. Hot Pink Apron.com is a collaborative blog loaded with honest, entertaining inspiration for any cook’s kitchen. The website will always be home to this league of hungry women but the intention is to grow the brand into a charitable foundation powered by publications, multimedia productions and community events. A lot of good can come from collective creativity, in so many tasty ways. We believe it can be triggered by something as simple as a foxy apron.

So… Who Are These Apronites?

We are located in different areas of the world, with completely unique perspectives, but we share a passion for homemade food and crafted brews. And we blend it all with our love for laughter, creativity, culture, travel and, well, eating.

Each of the women involved in this collaboration, nicknamed Apronites, chronicle their kitchen adventures in their own unique voice with an individual approach.

Dana is a self-confessed “pop-culture junkie” who loves to capture culinary events live. Managing Editor, Designer
Twitter handle: @hotpinkapron
Location: Toronto, Canada
Ingredient you couldn’t live without: Coffee. Real, dark roasted, fair trade, organic coffee beans freshly ground, accurately measured and brewed with purified water. I cannot function without that morning cup o’ joe.
Dream Dinner: A combination of good people, great music, oysters, stout and laughs. 
Kitchen Confession: I will go to great lengths to avoid washing cutlery.
Reagan is a new mom keen on meals that only require one hand to make / eat. Editor, Contributing Writer
Location: Toronto, Canada
Ingredient I can’t live without: Butter. Everything tastes SO MUCH BETTER with butter.
Dream Dinner: Gooey cheeses, fresh bread, olives, smoked oysters and wine in a park on a warm summer evening in Paris.
Kitchen Confession: Sometimes I eat a spoonful of brown sugar when the container is out for baking. I can’t resist that stuff!
Signature dish: After years of trying to make complicated pad thai, I discovered this recipe. This chef changed my life and after a few modifications to suit my own tastes (I could never get behind dried shrimps), I can proudly say I make kick ass pad thai.
Caitlin attempts to create veggie-friendly versions of favourite dishes old and new. Editor, Contributing Writer
Twitter: @caitlinfralick
Blog: girlinthisroom.blogspot.com
Location: Hamilton, Canada
Ingredient you couldn’t live without: Avocado. In salads and smoothies and vegan desserts, spread on toast, or just spooned right off the rind. It’s classy and comforting at the same time.
Dream Dinner: A potluck veggie-friendly barbecue in my own backyard garden. I’m a homebody at heart. You bring the red wine, I’ll make dessert.
Signature recipe: Pie, pie, always pie. These days I’m into Key Lime, with a buttery graham cracker crust and fresh berries on the side.
Kitchen Confession: I put away dishes like a well-intentioned house guest–nothing ever land in the same cupboard twice. It used to drive my roommates crazy, but now that I live alone the only person going crazy is me. I like to think it adds a little memory recall challenge to every cooking foray(and also helps me justify a LOT of casual swearing).

Amanda is as adventurous with her homemade recipes as she is witty in her writing. Editor, Contributing Writer
Blog: adventuresinbruntonia.wordpress.com ‘Baking, bread making, growing an allotment and keeping chickens. Also a fair bit of Asperger’s.’
Location: Cambridge, England
Ingredient you couldn’t live without: The humble egg. I just couldn’t live without the luxury of fresh eggs for quiche, soufflé, mousse, cake or meringue.
Dream Dinner: While he was at university, my husband lived about 15 minutes drive from Whitstable; a small seaside town known for its delicious seafood – especially oysters. I have fond memories of annihilating a huge platter piled high with fresh shellfish while visiting him. It was a real luxury as a student (and still is now!) and remains one of my favourite ways to go out and stuff myself silly.
Signature dish: Bread, white bloomer to sourdough, though my tear-and-share pesto bread is probably the one I am known for.
Kitchen Confession: Sneaking cheese out of the fridge while dinner is being cooked for me, only to declare I am now too full to eat dinner. Drives my husband crazy.
Kristina is a city dwelling rock star, on stage and in the kitchen.Contributing Writer
Twitter handle: @KikiVonCreature
Location: Downtown Toronto, Canada
Ingredient you couldn’t live without: LOVE, DUH.
No but this is tough. It’s a toss-up between hot sauce or  vinegars (or any acid… …) with agave syrup.  They really do sneak their way into just about everything I make.
Dream Dinner: On a picnic table in Springtime behind a taco truck in Texas. A plate of fish tacos on homemade corn tortilla,  freshly made chips and salsa with a cold (UNBLENDED) margarita and an even colder beer.  Awesome music/show in the background. If you can make this happen I will marry you.
Kitchen Confession:I find chopping/dicing/mincing with a freshly sharpened knife to be EXTREMELY therapeutic. Try not to read into that too much.

Jodi considers herself somewhat of a hapless cook, learning to embrace creativity in her kitchen. Contributing Writer
Blog: themotherboards.ca
Location: Toronto (west side!), Canada
Ingredient I couldn’t Live Without: Cheese! Any kind, texture, scent or vintage. I love cheese!
Dream Dinner: Fresh fish oceanside in a warm clime.
Kitchen Confession: I eat the entire apple. Core, seeds, sometimes even stem. And thus far, although warned that it would, an apple tree has not grown out of my belly button.


Kirsty thinks globally, yet believes in supporting her local purveyors as often as she can. Contributing Writer
Twitter handle: @kirstykernohan
Location: Quaint Artsy Village outside of Toronto, Canada
Ingredient you couldn’t live without: Butter
Dream Dinner: Fish n’Chips sitting on a bench in Largs Scotland looking of the Frfye of Cylde admiring the Isle of Arran
Kitchen Confession: I don’t like people in my kitchen. Lol. If I am having a dinner party it makes me bonkers when people congregate in the kitchen.
Michelle (aka Mother Ship) manages to find the humour in each of her intolerance obliging recipes.Contributing Writer
Twitter: @2MotherShip
Blog: www.mothershipyoga.com
Location: North Carolina, U.S.A by way of Ottawa & Toronto
Ingredient I couldn’t live without: Tahini
Kitchen Confession:  I don’t measure anything!!! I flipping eyeball every recipe!
Dream Dinner:  Any meal that didn’t include my toddler yelling; ” MOM, I’m done pooing!”

Want to get involved??

Email info@hotpinkapron.com to pitch your culinary adventures and creations.

“While rebranding Hot Pink Apron, a huge amount of time was piled into how to market ourselves as writers, and as a magazine as a whole. We are keen to use the magazine to connect together foodies from every walk of life, irrespective of gender. But nonetheless, I’m very proud of the voice Hot Pink Apron gives us as ladies. We represent everything feminism wanted for its daughters – some of us are stay-at-home mums on a career break to raise kids, some are doing both. Some of us have full-time jobs and no intention to have kids. We are marketing specialists, academics, musicians and mothers, and from behind a computer can tell the world that being women doesn’t stop us doing any of these things. We are all talented with food and nobody is shouting us down with cries of ‘don’t you ladies know the best chefs are men?!” ~ From Apronite Amanda’s “The Brand New Hot Pink Apron and Why the Feminist in Me Loves the Internet” April, 2013 Read more here.

Join the Apronite Army

Each week fresh new recipes and articles are published to Hot Pink Apron.com and the inspiration continues over our social media channels. On Wednesdays, we host a “Potluck” where we bring the conversation starter and ask readers to add their creative culinary ideas through comments. And the first Friday of each month we post a recap of some of the entertainment that the Apronites have been devouring with our “Fun Fridays!”.

We share because we care. Each of the Apronites genuinely love food and that magical way it brings people together. Eating well can inspire happier, healthier lives, and ultimately that is what we’re here to do.  So get involved, join the party, eat well, have fun, and rock that foxy apron!