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Bake Sale Packaging

How are you packaging all of your bake sale donations?

For the past month, with every grocery shop, window shop and flyer flip I have asked myself ‘how am I going to package all of my bake sale goodies?’.  Below is a list of retailers I have found packaging supplies in and the items I felt they excelled in with selection and price.  I’ll update as I bake and package through the week so be sure to check back and if you have any recommendations post them in the comments section below.

Whitby Bakes for Japan in 7 days!

The Basics: Wal-Mart

Check out the party section and crafts areas of Wal-Mart department stores.  Hands down the best prices, with a decent selection of candy/cookie bags, ribbon, cupcake boxes, baking and decorating materials, etc..  be sure to ask a sales rep where the Craft Clearance section is, most stores have a a corner of stuff marked down for excellent prices.

Cake Boxes and Candy Making: Bulk Barn

Boxes of all shapes and sizes. Lollipop sticks and bags of all lengths.  Bulk Barn is the best stop for cake decorating and candy making supplies and the absolute best provider of cake boxes and lollipop (or cake pop) sticks and bags but you won’t find too much in ways of decorative packaging.  Their supplies are basics and much of what they offer can be found at Wal-Mart for a lower price.  Side note: the best shop to buy your icing sugar, brown sugar and multi-coloured chocolates at.

Everything Else: Michael’s

Michael’s craft store has a large selection of baking supplies and packaging products but they come at a hefty price.  Some items I found at twice the price as Wal-Mart.  They are, however, the only retailer I’ve found basket cellophane bags (perfect for loafs and small cakes).  A huge selection of cupcake liners, clear bags of all sizes, favor boxes and more.  I recommend a trip to Michael’s AFTER you’ve picked up your other essentials and you just need to find those last items.  Be sure to print this coupon for 25% off your entire purchase for this week before you go:  Michael’s coupon

Trays and Cake Displays: HomeSense and Winners

Entering a HomeSense and Winners store with specific products in mind is like playing the lottery: if they have stocked what you want you’ll likely get it at a great price but be prepared for disappointment.  Always worth a look if you the opportunity.

Utensils, Plates and other miscellaneous items:  Party Packagers

If you make it to Party Packagers this week, be sure to check out the Wilton 4-tier Cupcake Tower marked down 40% off.  I want it terribly but afraid Brett will leave me if I spend another dime on baking supplies this week (kidding of course, but why chance it :).  A giant selection of color-coordinated catering supplies and the best stop for large trays but little for small packages.

I'm opting for the classic hand-written look with sticker labels and tied tags on my candy bags.

Labeling: Staples

Give yourself a solid 15 minutes to roam the aisles of Staples and brainstorm all of the ways you could label your donations.  Shipping tags tied with ribbon always look sharp.  Letter size sticker paper can be used in your home printer to create pro looking labels or you could simply hand write and cut stickers out.  Use your imagination and get creative.  The more appealing your packaging, the faster it’s likely to sell.  Remember: we’re looking for a name and list of ingredients for all donations.  Feel free to include your name, contact and/or website.
Don’t forget Dollar Stores always have boxes, aluminum tins, parchment paper, ribbons, paper bags, and more.

The simplest small packaging solution is plastic wrap.  Wrap up your squares and stacked cookies in some good ol’ Saran Wrap, tie a ribbon with bow on top and place a sticker ont he side with name and description.  Beautiful!

I’ll be bringing cupcakes in carrier cases to sell individually, as well as boxed cupcakes in sets of 4.  I love these cupcake boxes with display windows ($3.25 for sets of 3 at Wal-mart).  I’ll be packaging the maple bacon cupcakes and my favorite vegan vanilla and chocolate cupcakes in these.

Packaged flat.

Easy assembly.

Beautiful delivery.

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  • Reply wendy April 24, 2011 at 9:39 pm

    Great ideas, also many shops will have 1/2 price Easter plates etc. this coming week, cheers wendy

  • Reply Bake Sale Packaging | April 26, 2011 at 12:53 am

    […] Whitby Bakes for Japan is in 1 week!! My brain is starting to move from promoting and marketing to baking and packaging. I’ve posted a few ideas on packaging on my blog, Check it out and be sure to share your unique packaging thoughts in the comment section: […]

  • Reply Sandra April 28, 2011 at 5:57 pm

    Shipping tags are great for labeling. Ingredients on one side, item name on the other, and tie it on with a pretty ribbon!

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