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    It’s Canada Day! Drink a Maple Syrup Martini.

    To celebrate Canada’s 148th birthday I’m craving something sweet, a celebratory drink that brings me as much comfort and joy as my Canadian citizenship does. Peering into our liquor cabinet, a bottle of Nova Scotia’s…

  • pancakes

    Pride Cakes

    This morning, my youngest (5) and I were talking about how awesome it is that the United States of America passed a law that states if two people are in love and they want…

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    Toronto’s Field Trip Promises Family Fun

    Last weekend my posse (hubby + daughters) and I travelled to Toronto for the yearly Arts & Crafts FIELD TRIP music festival. The festival was promoted as a family-friendly event with admission for kids 12 and under free, Sharon and…

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    Low Carb Crêpes – Not Pancakes!

    The Challenge: Prepare a relaxed Sunday morning spread that both you (the low carb’er avoiding flour and refined sugar) and your favourite sweet-toothed pancake fans can enjoy together.  Ok, my beloved Pinterest peeps,…

  • Sugar-Free, Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Sugar-Free, Wheat-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Creative Challenge: Satisfy an overwhelming craving for my amazing classic chocolate chip cookie recipe WITHOUT the use of flour or sugar. To be honest, I was reluctant to even try The Bite Sized Baker’s…

  • Oh ya, that’s the money shot.

    Strawberry Pies Forever

    This post is dedicated to good intentions and time lost. For all of the things we intend to do each day that we don’t always get done. Those unread emails, the untouched…

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    The Making of a Minion Cake

    This is Alice, my youngest daughter. Alice just turned four years old (!!!) and all she wanted for her birthday was “a-banana-guy-drinking-a-strawberry-smoothie cake”. Over the years I’ve discovered that it’s best not…

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    Mom’s Best Banana Cake

    Nothing makes you appreciate your mother more than raising children of your own. Well, that and the smell of her banana cake recipe baking in the oven. My mom and I have…

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    SickKids Win It Forward Contest

    SickKids Hospital is hosting another round of their Win It Forward contest and it has me salivating from my charitable mouth. Simply take a minute out of your online day to enter the weekly…