Top5 Songs: Getting into the New York Groove

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My main man turns 40 today! I can so vividly recall being a naive little kid and my Grade 6 teacher telling the class that he was 40 years old and I thought, “Wow. That’s sooo old!” Now here I am married to one sexy and fine forty year old man and I’m thinking, “We’ve done […]

SickKids Win It Forward Contest


SickKids Hospital is hosting another round of their Win It Forward contest and it has me salivating from my charitable mouth. Simply take a minute out of your online day to enter the weekly draw here: We’re talking name, email and number to enter and with that you have a chance to WIN a stunning meal for you […]

Pistachio Pound Cake & Other Nutty Adventures From Easter


I’ve recently discovered in myself that I want a BIG family. At least I want a large extended family that I can host large family meals for. Sadly, this isn’t one of those desires you can simply wish for by tossing a coin into a fountain. It seems you are either born into a big […]

Beautiful Dreamer Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes


“Mom, I have an idea” Alice says with a daydreamer’s stare out the window.  Alice has many ideas so I hear this proclamation pretty often. “Ok, babe. I’m just about to experiment with our favourite chocolate cupcake recipe. I’m going to try to make them even better! Do you want to come help me and […]

For The Love of Cheese: The Creamiest Mexicana Roll Ups


Spring is here – time to party! And what’s a party without killer apps? These super creamy, flavourful, and cheesy tortilla roll ups are insanely easy to prepare and ALWAYS a hit at the potluck table. They may very well be THE BEST party appetizer, meeting all perfect party food criteria:  No muss, no fuss […]

Lemon Curd In Its Right Place. My Mouth.


I have been spring cleaning the poop out of my house this week. Literally. And as I scrub, sort and soak all of the filthiness that comes from a house of four hibernating through a Polar Vortex, I keep singing Radiohead’s ‘Everything In Its Right Place‘. This is the soundtrack of my spring. And lemon […]

Healthy Piña Colada Granola


♫ If you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain If you’re not into yoga, and have this song stuck in your brain… ♫ Ease the pain of the ultimate ear worm with this awesome granola mix. Yesterday, during my weekly aisle wander at the grocery store, I noticed how adventuresome the yogurt section had […]

Table Matters – A PechaKucha Talk


Last week a local art gallery, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, invited me to participate in a really cool and creative evening of PechaKucha presentations. PechaKucha (good luck pronouncing it “the right way”, I’ve heard it at least 72 unique ways now so who knows??) is a presentation style originating from Tokyo in which 20 slides […]

Irish Desserts are to be Trifle’d With


Screw the cap on that green food colouring tightly — like, really tight. Crazy glue that sucker closed, it’s gross. There are so many other, more authentic ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year… like Irish Whiskey! And why restrain a bevvy as delicious and vibrant as Jameson’s Irish Whiskey to a rocks glass?? Get […]